Watch Zero Budget Movies at the No Budget Film Festival!

The fourth annual No Budget Film Festival, September 28 -29th 2013, celebrates a carefully chosen selection of films made using absolutely no money. Not a single dollar was spent in their production, yet the films played to the Los Angeles audiences will be as emotive and appealing as any big budget hit. With a jury of experts in the field offering the prestigious Critic’s Choice Award at the Gala evening, participation in the No Budget Film Festival in Los Angeles has become a milestone for budding producers in California. Those who know where to stay in Hollywood and are looking for something fun to do should check out this festival!

This year’s selected short films cover a wide range of styles and genres. Some raise big questions: ‘The Girl In the Corner’ is a post-apocalyptic survival tale; ‘We, Seahorses’ asks what is the difference between love and personal ambition; ‘Heart’ is a coming of age tale, asking what we leave behind to move forwards; ‘Alarmed’ explored sacrifices; ‘A Friend Indeed’ raises questions about mortality and the purpose of life and ‘Subway’ teaches through comedy that sometimes, it’s okay to slow down rather than stretch ourselves too hard. Others cover more familiar, domestic ground: ‘Twins’ explores sibling rivalry between the pair; ‘The Roommate’ focuses on the tensions between friends as one prepares for a date; ‘Wedding Bell Booze’ examines preparations for a wedding in amongst conflicting views on marriage and ‘Planning Ahead’ focuses on wedding planning itself. In ‘Jeff,’ the central character finds his own happiness after heartbreak; in ‘Aarti’ a beautiful picture is painted of devotion. The last film, ‘Wolf Mountain,’ is a short documentary of the work of one woman caring for abandoned wolves who cannot be released into the wild and her connection with the creatures.

In addition to the films themselves, a series of panels talk about the future of film making.Known as the ‘Bonus Features’ three panels are planned: ‘Can’t stop won’t stop: life after shorts,’ ‘Futuregazing: the new tools’ and ‘See and be seen: distro inferno.’

The No Budget Film Festival is a unique event that brings together movie lovers who are interested in viewing short films from various genres.
Starts: 09/28/2013 06:00 pm
Ends: 09/29/2013
4473 Sunset Dr
Los Angeles, CA

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