Upcoming Exhibits at LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is host to excellent exhibitions throughout the year. Its program of events is renowned throughout the area for its diversity and high standard of delivery. Local residents and visitors alike look to its calendar for the latest exhibits and are rarely disappointed. Those who will be staying at one of the hotels near LACMA this year should pay a visit to well known museum.


Three new exhibitions are opening in the near future. The first of these is ‘Chasing Ghosts’ by Kaz Oshiro, opening on January 24th and forming part of the museum’s commitment to community engagement. Oshiro’s work using everyday objects to create visually interesting and engaging sculptures is rapidly gaining strong support. This exhibition shows Oshiro’s own new sculptures based on interaction with students at the school, shown alongside items chosen from the museum’s collection of objects by Oshiro himself and work by the pupils of Charles White Elementary School. This satellite gallery forms a strong part of the Museum’s outreach work, and has hosted exhibitions for 7 years.

Secondly, opening on February 2nd and running until late July, is ‘Fútbol: The Beautiful Game.’ Football is enormously significant in cultures around the world, exploring themes of nationalism and social identity, creating spectacle on an international scale. This exhibition ties in to the opening of the 2014 World Cup and includes art from more than thirty different artists in numerous media types. Sculpture, videography, painting, photographs and two whole-room installations form the core of the unique exhibition.

The ‘Light Invisible’ exhibition by Helen Pashgian will open in the Art of the Americas Building on March the 30th and run through to June 29th. The installation is the first large-size sculptural piece of this type by a pioneering member of what is known as the current ‘light and space movement.’ Pashgian’s background is in traditional painting, using oils and glaze in innovative ways to create effects with the light on the surface. In the 1960s, she moved into work with new materials, and for this installation at LACMA she has created 12 acrylic columns forming an immersive exhibition.

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