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Uber is your on-demand private driver.

Request a ride at any time using our iPhone and Android apps or from

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Whether you’re doing lunch at the Ivy, trekking to your movie set in Burbank or want to take business calls during LA traffic, Uber will escort you in style. Once in a car, the driver will take you anywhere you’d like.. Request from anywhere at any time! Just tell them where to pick you up. On the iPhone and Android apps, set your pickup location on the map. On, type your address. In the US and Canada, text an address and city to 827-222.

Vehicle Types

UBERx- The convenience of Uber at a lower price with hybrid and mid-range cars in a variety of colors. Seats up to 4 people.*

Black- Our classic black car option is the default. Choose this and either a high-end sedan or SUV will be curbside in minutes. Note: choosing “Black” and being picked up by an SUV will not charge you our SUV rates. Seats up to 4 people.*

SUV- When you’re rolling with more than four people, request only SUVs, for a higher rate. Seats up to 6 people.*

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