The Perfect Excuse to Plan a Trip – “Elephants of Asia” at the Los Angeles Zoo

Animal lovers unite.

It’s time to meet Billy, Tina and Jewel. No, I am not talking about singers from the 80s and 90s…I am talking about the residents of the new “Elephants of Asia” exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo. The incredible 3.8 acre habitat offers its 10 thousand pound tenets an assortment of amenities that are fit for a king (or an elephant), including elephant sized bathing pools, an eye-catching waterfall and noteworthy sandy hills. These elephants won’t even know they’re not in their native homes. Developers spent a lot of time and money making this stunning new home look like and feel like the Asian outdoors.

Two of the elephants, named Tina and Jewel, that now reside at the recently opened Los Angeles exhibit are former circus animals that were nursed back to health about a year ago at the San Diego Zoo. Without this loan from the San Diego Zoo, the exhibit would have been noticeably empty and lonely with just one elephant.

In an effort to help educate visitors, the exhibit was developed with the intention of familiarizing guests with the challenges and hardship Asian Elephants face in the wild, including their shrinking natural habitat. The goal is to help raise more money for conservation programs that support elephants that are left suffering in their native countries. At the same time, it’s important to note that the layout of the actual man-made habitat was strategically prepared and built in a way that would not sacrifice the comfort and needs of the elephants.

Now you have the perfect excuse to visit beautiful, sunny southern California — to catch a glimpse of this stunning new exhibit and the lovable elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo.


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