The NBA Stars Come to Play Basketball This Weekend at Staples Center

Every year the NBA celebrates the middle of the season with its annual all star weekend. This is the time where the best of the best from the NBA are selected to participate in a weekend full of basketball events. The basketball stars this year will be coming to Los Angeles to put on a spectacle for all the fans. This is actually the 2nd time the all star game has come to Staples Center, back in 2004 it hosted the games. The all star game has always been a game for the fans. It’s not uncommon to see over 250 point games with excessive dunking and showboating. The players know it’s there time to unwind and show off all their skills for the fans. It is actually a 3 day event that begins on Friday, February 18th with the game ending the weekend on Sunday, February 20th.

The weekend begins on Friday with the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. This is an event where celebrities get to play with both present and past athletes. The next event is the T-Mobile rookie challenge and Youth Jam. This is where the best rookies of the NBA play against the best sophomores in a battle for bragging rights. It’s a great event that showcases some of the brightest stars in the NBA that you will see for many years to come. February 19th will be the NBA All-Star Saturday Night. The event starts at 5pm and will feature NBA, WNBA players and NBA Legends in several events. First there will be the Haier Shooting Stars competition followed by the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Lockers Three Point Shootout and the grand finale will be the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. This year’s dunk contest has been highly anticipated due to one exciting rookie named Blake Griffin. Known for attacking and destroying the rim with a vengeance he will be single handedly trying to revive the dunk contest which has been criticized by many as having lost its luster.

Sunday, February 20th is of course the big day. That will be when the 24 of the best basketball players in the world will play in the 2011 NBA All-Star Game.  It’s the biggest stage for basketball and where the NBA’s elite get their chance to showcase their greatest talents for the fans. This means that for once the coaches will allow them to showboat and play a little street ball. It is very entertaining for those that have never seen an all-star game. There will be alley oops, behind the back passes, off the back board dunks and many other spectacular plays.  To highlight the weekend both Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol will be playing in the All-Star Game for the Lakers. Come down to Hollywood and Los Angeles this weekend and watch the stars come out and play.

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