The Heritage Pig Fest Comes To Los Angeles on May 1st

The City of Los Angeles will be hosting the traveling pig fest know as Cochon 555 on May 1st. For those that have never heard of this pig-palooza it is a friendly competition amongst 5 top chefs and will each prepare a 175 lb heritage breed hog.  The winners will be determined by guests and local judges that will look at the presentation, utilization and over all best flavor. Another great part about this fest is there will be five winemakers that will showcase their wines to make it a great event.

There is a VIP experience where you can kick off the day with a butcher demo by Lindy & Drundy and get a chance to see their expertise on a kunekune from Lori Enright’s KuneKune Preservation Project. The VIP service also comes with reserve wines, Eagle Rock Brew, cocktails from St. Germain, Artisian cheese, caviar and oysters. With each VIP ticket you get an early access to be on the main floor for the main event.

The Main floor is where all the action happens. You can sample all the pork dishes and pair them with wine from a collection of small wineries as well as Austrian and Turley Wines. The winning dishes will be selected by a panel of 20 judges that are experts in each city. There will be a butcher show that will have 2 expert butchers face off in a competition of skill and speed. Finally all guests will be treated to a demonstration of how to break down a whole pig and the after party will be at Public Kitchen and Bar.

Where: Vibiana in the Historic Core

When: May 1st, 2011


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