Take a Tour of the Old Town Haunt

Set in a truly haunted building, the Old Town Haunt takes place in the historic Union Savings Bank. Visitors will be able to explore its turbulent and terrifying story. If you’re visiting the Hollywood area this October, then attend this unique event that will take you on a historic journey.  Something lives in the dark beneath the foundations, in the basement that has been sealed shut for decades. This Halloween, the basement will be reopened. Visitors are advised to keep their wits about them and avoid sinking into the horrors within.

Located on Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, the Union Savings Bank Building was built in the 1880s – but the land it stands on has had a much more turbulent history. The Old Town Haunt  has been described as one of the most unique and one of the best haunted house experiences in all of Southern California. Featuring sets from Hollywood films and television shows including ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ within this unique building, exploring the unknown has never been so unsettling.

When the earliest settlers moved into the area, an abandoned Spanish mission was found on the site of the Union Bank – a building rumored to have housed prisoners in its catacombs who were driven into insanity by their surroundings. Even then, the locals avoided the building. Progress couldn’t be slowed, though, and eventually the mission building was destroyed and the 1st National Bank of Pasadena opened at the end of the nineteenth century. However, this business only remained on the site for a few years, making a costly and time consuming move to property just one block away in 1901. Rumors abounded of the ‘Ghosts of the Bank Robbers’ – according to legend, in early 1901 three robbers had blown their way into the safes and, when surrounded by the sheriff and his officers, had simply disappeared. Not long later, screams could be heard from the catacombs along with ghostly sounds. Others have tried to trade on the site and failed, either leaving shortly after or falling victim to the ghostly sounds and hauntings.

In 2005, a private owner bought the underground basement and catacombs. In exploration since then, more than 36 bodily remains have been found. Open to the public for guided tours since 2009, Halloween at the Old Town Haunt is much stranger than fiction.

Photo courtesy of http://www.oldtownhaunt.com/

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