Spend a Day at Universal Citywalk

Since it opened in May of 1993, Universal Citywalk Hollywood has become a central mecca for entertainment, dining and shopping in the area. Since its $1 billion expansion in 2000 and continual updating since then, many thousands of people each year visit the Universal Citywalk and are not disappointed. Covering three stories and even incorporating indoor skydiving and street performers, the Citywalk is a unique venue and an attraction to the area.

The central plaza space has its own 170ft trellis, with leaping fountains in the courtyard and enormous television screens showing the latest in Universal movie releases and music videos. The Cinema Stadium AMC movie auditorium in the center is a highlight, with 19 screens and the original, 7 story IMAX theatre. Each movie screen has its own projection system carefully calibrated to take into account its surroundings to provide the highest possible level of sound and picture quality. Every seat is built in the plush, ultra wide style, giving extra legroom and the utmost comfort.

In another area, the 5 Towers is a new and interactive concert venue built at Universal Citywalk, with one of the most technologically advanced stages in the country. Equipped with many thousands and LED fixtures and settings to capture motion, the stage has the capacity to produce 42ft tall light sculptures complemented by the video monitors and sound system. Designed to be the artistic centre of the Citywalk vision, artists and concert audiences alike love the experience which can be created in such an environment.

Other guests love the choice at Citywalk, with a range of activities available. Multiple late opening night clubs are part of the venue, giving evening entertainment, while the range of dining choices varies from casual and quick service joints to sophisticated, high class meals. In fact, there are around 30 different food outlets to choose from, across the full spectrum, and all close to places to stay near Universal Citywalk. Couple this with numerous shopping outlets from a range of big names, and most visitors are thrilled to spend time at Citywalk.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

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