Pacific Standard Time is the Perfect Time to Experience the Culture of LA Art

Art is an integral part of Los Angeles culture and over the next 6 months over 60 cultural institutions will be collaborating for the first time to celebrate the birth of postwar contemporary art here in Los Angeles. This collaboration is called the Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945- 1960 and is an initiative of the J. Paul Getty Museum. What you have here is a six month long showcase of over 60 shows that will be taking place at museums, art galleries and performance spaces and will display off Los Angeles culture. There is will be so much to take in including archival acquisitions such as painting and sculptures as well as public programming, exhibitions and publications.

The J. Paul Getty museum has gone to great lengths to create a great experience by conducting extensive oral histories with many of Los Angeles’s prominent artists, filmmakers, curators, collectors and critics. All throughout the city over 30 venues will have exhibits showing the ceramic sculpture, postwar design, the Light and Space movement, the history of the Los Angeles Woman’s Building, African American Art and much more. There will also be several public programs including concerts, film screenings, readings, theater, symposia, performance art and lectures to enjoy.

Pacific Standard Time started this month and will finish in April of 2012. Hollywood Hotel is major supporter of Pacific Standard Time and will be offering our Pacific Standard Time Package for the event along with a free museum pass to nearly 20 museums in Los Angeles. You can view the promo offer here. There is so much to do and see over the next 6 months and to get a good idea of what will be taking place you will want to check out the exhibitions and events page. This will be a great experience especially for citizens of Los Angeles so don’t miss out.

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