A Night Out at the World Famous Laugh Factory

Named the ‘#1 comedy club in the country’ by USA Today and open since 1979, the Laugh Factory is a fantastic comedy venue with locations across the country. The first Laugh Factory remains in Hollywood, in its original Sunset Boulevard home, and still plays host to some of the biggest and newest names in top quality comedy performances. Founded by Jamie Masada, the ‘Real King of Comedy’ (according to the New York Daily News), the Laugh Factory was established as a pioneering innovation in bringing new acts to the fore and launching the careers of numerous successful comedy performers.

This winter season, a week of Comedy Horror Nights kicks off on the 27th of October leading up to Halloween. Each night has its own specialism and set of performers ready to entertain audiences through their various turns. Sets are generally at 8pm and 10pm each night, giving plenty of opportunity to enjoy the bar menu and its selection of drinks.

On October 27th, the Comedy Horror Nights series kicks off with the Chocolate Sundaes Edition. Combining well known comedians of all genres famed for performance on Def Comedy Jam, the David Letterman show and Comedy Central as well as many others, Donnell Rawlings, Ron G and many others will be offering an evening of sweet comedy treats. The next night in the series is the Comedy Bazaar Edition on October 28th, featuring the talents of Tehran, Brad Williams, Hasan Minhaj, Dan Andoot, Tiffany Haddish and Mark Eddie, all of whom are offering eclectic comedy with a dash of Middle Eastern delight.

The evening of October 29th hosts Comedy Horror Nights: New Material Edition. This show takes improvisational comedy into new areas, making comedians such as Jimmy Dore, Joey Medina, Mike Stanley, Sarah Tiana and many others sit in the ‘hot seat’ and face interview questions like never before. Unpredictable for both performer and the audience, it’s a great format for a wonderful night. The night after, Dom Irrera and friends participate in the Breaking Balls Edition of the series, with more interviews featuring some of the biggest personalities in the LA region, followed by the 10pm Dot Comedy Edition with Pete Davidson. Located near many hotels around Hollywood, the Laugh Factory is guaranteed to have you laughing for days!

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

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