Neil Young at the Dolby Theatre

This spring, none other than the famous Neil Young will be performing in concert at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood. With four performances, on March 29th and 30th, April 1st and 2nd, this is an amazing opportunity to witness one of the stars of modern musical history live on stage and showcasing hits from his wide repertoire. The Dolby Theatre is the center of the entertainment complex, seating more than three thousand three hundred guests, and hosts a range of musical events, theatre productions and awards ceremonies every year – including the annual Academy Awards. If you are staying at one of the hotels near the Dolby Theatre,  it’s the perfect setting, then, for a special musical performance such as this one.

Since the release of his first album in 1968, Neil Young has had enormous musical success. Even before this, in his childhood and teenage years he was often to be found playing with local bands and writing music in his spare time. A regular member of Crosby, Still & Nash, a popular band throughout his career, it is his solo work which garnered the most attention. His third album, ‘After The Gold Rush’ from 1970, was the one which launched him into widespread public popularity. 1972 saw him earn his first #1 album hit with ‘Harvest’ which remains one of his most widely known today.

The next fifteen years saw him experimenting with genre and form, leading to the creation of the style immediately recognizable as his own and contributing to his place in musical history as an inspiration to many others. His album ‘Tonight’s The Night’ is heralded as one of the earliest steps in the direction of punk rock; ‘Trans’ then turned towards electronic effects and modified sounds; whilst ‘Everybody’s Rockin’ had distinct rockabilly elements which showed just how diverse his musical palette was.

More recently, Neil Young has returned to his country rock roots but has lost none of his experimental flair, and it is this unique quality which keeps fans flocking to his concerts even now. With more than thirty solo albums in his catalog, his extensive range of songs and undeniable stage presence make this opportunity to see him onstage something that is not to be missed.

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