Hollywood Sign Peak Saved

Worldwide press attention was garnered this week at a press conference to announce the successful conclusion of a campaign by the Trust for Public Land (TPL) to purchase 138 acres of open land adjacent to the Hollywood Sign.  A total of $12.5-million was needed, with the public sector kicking in $6-million of the total.  The final contribution of $900,000 was made by Hugh Hefner, who incidentally helped to save the Hollywood Sign back in 1978 by hosting a fundraiser at his Playboy Mansion to kick off a fundraising effort to rebuild the Sign.  Other major contributors included Aileen Getty, who donated $1-million (and who is one of the honorees at the Women of Distinction Luncheon on May 14).  Councilman Tom LaBonge has been the top public official pushing the effort to acquire the property.  The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has been very involved in the effort, and allowed the TPL to cover the Sign with a sign that said “Save the Peak”.   That, in turn, generated huge publicity for the effort.  The Hollywood Sign Trust also played a major role in the project and helped bring Hefner and the TPL together to close out the campaign.  The property will be incorporated into Griffith Park and will be available to the public for generations to come.  Congratulations to everyone involved in the effort!

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