Get Scared at Nightmare City in Los Angeles!

Cinefamily, Cinespia and The Woodshed have combined forces this October with several other Los Angeles organizations to come up with a schedule of events to appeal both horror fans and casual viewers. Film premieres, concerts, 35mm screenings, stagecraft, comedy and a black-light poster art show make up Nightmare City. Those staying in Universal Studios Hollywood hotels will be able to appreciate a festival that displays the arts of our darkest dreams.

Cinefamily has opened up its hidden upstairs office to the public as a gallery space for the festival. The exhibit is called UNWELCOME: “an examination and reappraisal of that radiant popular art form once relegated to smoke-filled suburban basements.” The gallery will be open during the black-light of day, with works of neon blood, fluorescent frights and ultraviolet ultraviolence. Curator Sammy Harkham, a comic artist and creator of Kramer’s Ergot, has chosen 10 prominent contemporary illustrative artists to examine horror using this vibrant medium. The gallery is now open until October 31, from 8pm to 2am or by appointment. Email for more information.

Cinespia will hold a special screening of the original 1978 film “Dawn of the Dead” on October 20 at 7pm at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  The doors will open at 5:30pm, and the event ends at 11pm. Tickets are $10-$12. You can buy tickets here. Anyone under 17 years of age will need adult supervision.

As part of the festival, Cinefamily is holding a Video Nasties Watch-a-thon contest. Can you sit through 30 midnights in a row watching gory massacres and bloodshed? Whomever sits through the highest number of Video Nasties will receive a chance to guest program for an upcoming movie screening and the 3-DVD UK box set for “Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide.” All screenings are $12, free for members. For a schedule of movies, click here.

Other events include a classic horror trailer show, special spooky premieres, “The Sound of Horror,” discounts to the new Blumhouse of Horrors in downtown Los Angeles and much more.  For a full program, click here. Be sure to attend one of these many events to get into the spirit of Halloween this October!

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