Enjoy Some Drinks With LA’s Leading Cocktail Chef

Gastropubs are all the rage nowadays, with many restaurant and catering chains following suit and choosing to open their own versions as a result of its success. Plan Check is no exception to this, and in December 2013, the brand new gastropub opened up in Fairfax and has proven to be hugely popular with locals and visitors alike. If you are staying in Los Angeles, Plan Check is a destination you should definitely add to your list!


Perhaps Plan Check’s popularity has something to do with the loft setting of the place, which has a contemporary look and feel while still maintaining a modest appearance. Or maybe it is because of the cocktails, which are served throughout the restaurant and not only at the cocktail bar. And speaking of cocktails… Plan Check is hosting an Epic Brewing cocktail night on February 5th, and for one night only, the bar will be manned by the city’s leading cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello and the equally amazing Brady Weise. Together they will create many specialty cocktails using beer and many other fresh produce items which have been provided by Epic Brewing themselves, and if you fancy getting your hands on some free merchandise, then make sure you are one of the first 50 guests to sit down at the bar.

Matthew Biancaniello is a self taught barman. Having had no official training, he found his way by experimenting with different ingredients and fusing spirits in ways which had never been done before. He says his hidden talent is due to his lack of training, and he is a sponge that will always absorb new information. He has worked his way up to being the leading cocktail chef in all of Los Angeles, closely followed of course by his partner for the night, Brady Weise, who has created some fantastic cocktail recipes of his own.

Epic Brewing is hosting a cocktail night with LA's leading cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello and the equally amazing Brady Weise at Plan Check in Fairfax.
Starts: 02/05/2014 06:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA

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