Enjoy a Broadway Musical at the Pantages Theatre

Hollywood is a city known for movie premieres and Broadway musical debuts.  Those staying or visiting the Hollywood area this summer will have the chance to see a variety of award winning Broadway musicals including Ghost The Musical and Sister Act.  Many Broadway productions have taken place at the Pantages Theatre, one of the most legendary Hollywood venues.   The Academy Awards has also been hosted at the Pantages Theatre for ten years.  Locals and tourists are invited to enjoy the rich history of this popular venue.  Take advantage of the many shows that take place at the Pantages Theatre.  Broadway musicals bring Hollywood movies to life on a grand stage.  Not to mention Broadway shows keeps audiences entertained with its elaborate stage setting, musical arrangements, and talented actors.  Watching a musical is unlike any other experience as it brings viewers’ imagination to life.  If you are planning a summer vacation to Hollywood, then make sure to stay at a hotel near the Pantages Theatre and catch at least one of these awesome productions:

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Ghost the Musical

Fans of the movie Ghost will have the opportunity to see this production live on stage at the Pantages Theatre in late June.  Adapted from the Oscar-winning movie Ghost, this new musical takes you into the love story of the main characters, Sam and Molly.  The musical will captivate audiences young and old as it tells the tale of a young couple whose lives take on a dramatic turn when Sam dies suddenly.  Molly is left to deal with this horrible tragedy on her own until she is mysteriously reunited with Sam.  Let this musical take you on a journey of hope and everlasting love.  As an audience member, you will appreciate the chemistry these characters have for each other.  Enjoy the breath-taking special effects and musical features.  This musical runs from June 27 to July 12.  Don’t miss out on this amazing musical!

Sister Act

For a feel good show then catch the Sister Act musical.  This popular movie is now a Broadway musical. This musical is based off the 90s comedy movie featuring Whoopi Goldberg.  It tells the story of a ‘diva’ who goes into hiding in a convent after witnessing a crime.  At the convent, she disguises herself as a nun to keep the criminals from finding and killing her.  Enjoy this great musical comedy with friends and family and sing along to the gospel songs played throughout the musical.  This is a unique show that will get you laughing and singing along.  The Sister Act runs from July 9 to 28.

If you are interested in other upcoming shows at the Pantages Theatre then click here.  To purchase tickets for these shows visit: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Pantages-Theatre-tickets-Los-Angeles/venue/90160

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