Travel Back In Time at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire!

Renaissance Fair

One of the oldest fairs of its type, the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire is an amazing trip into the past where great entertainment, fantastic costumes and historical shopping awaits. This year’s Renaissance Pleasure Faire will be running every weekend from April 5th to May 18th, between 10am and 7pm every day. Located at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, it is accessible both by road and public transport. Local buses stop a short walk away, at the main park’s entrance, whilst by road the route towards the event leads to the designated parking area. Spread over twenty acres, with thirteen entertainment stages and hundreds of stalls and things to see, a trip to the Pleasure Faire is a treat for the whole family. If you will be staying at one of the hotels near the Santa Fe Dam Recreation and love the renaissance period, be sure to check out this event!

Admission to the event is by ticket, but the standard entry fee includes all of the provided entertainment, including the Jousting and four parades, plus more than two thousand performers making their music, dances and living history shows come alive. The battle pageant, craft demonstration areas and children’s lessons are also all part of the ticket, so it offers great value for a full day’s fun. Queen Elizabeth the First is in attendance with her shimmering court, supported by attendants dressed in stunning costume and adding her royal touch to the proceedings.

This year, a fantastic range of entertainers will be gracing the boards each weekend, many new to the Renaissance Pleasure Fair South California. Bluebeard’s Pressgang Pageant is one of the new acts not to be missed, with the Captain himself interviewing for new crew members live on stage in front of the audience, giving would-be sailors of all ages the chance to prove themselves and earn a certificate too. An all new Ded Bob Show brings the most popular cadaver in the entertainment industry back to life, telling his bawdy jokes (rated PG13) and interacting with his living crowd, whilst elsewhere Lord Franko the Master Hypnotist will be dabbling in the dark arts to hypnotise his volunteers and cause people to behave in unexpected ways.

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