Reminisce on Your Favorite Classic Films at the Cinecon

cinecon film festival

The 49th Cinecon Classic Film Festival is due to be held between Thursday August 29 and September 2, 2013. The popular festival has been going strong since the 1960s, as film fans are as keen as ever to get together for this momentous event which screens almost fifty short and feature films.  Every Labor Day Weekend for nearly fifty years, film fans have gathered together at the annual event. The screenings will take place at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

If you’re a regular attendee of Cinecon, you may not be aware that this year’s schedule is different compared to previous years. This year, screenings will begin at the earlier time of 2:00 pm on Thursday which is far earlier than in the past. The festival will also be extended to screen films during the Sunday evening.

Visitors who are interested in checking out film memorabilia will have plenty of time to do so on Saturday where three hours have been set aside where there will be no screenings to allow fans time in the memorabilia rooms.  If you’re a movie fanatic and visiting Hollywood this Labor Day, then attend this interesting film festival.  Cinecon brings together film fans, authors, archivists and collectors who all share the same passion for film. Fans are able to view films that would very rarely be screened in public. Cinecon specializes purely in the unusual and the rare. You won’t see the likes of Casablanca at Cinecon. Instead, expect to see rare films from the silent era and the era of early sound. All silent films are accompanied by a live piano.

In the early days of Cinecon, fans got together when there was no such thing as videos or DVDs. For many film fans, this was their only opportunity to watch their much loved films from a past era. For a number of years, the festival moved from one city to the next before settling in Los Angeles.  Nowadays, the festival is as popular as ever with film fans who relish in the annual experience.  Fans enjoy not only the screenings but also the memorabilia shows and film book fairs. Tickets are available to everyone and you can choose either a full pass for the whole festival or a day ticket. Visitors are not able to buy tickets for individual screenings. The festival is a brilliant way to meet like-minded individuals and celebrate the love of cinema.

Photo courtesy of Cinecon

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