Natural History Museum Brings “Becoming LA” Exhibit to Life


While a lot of people might not think of great art when they initially think of Los Angeles, they might be surprised to know that LA actually has many great art collections and museums that would satisfy anyone’s desire for viewing art. The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles is a great place to spend a day lost in exhibits such as their California History exhibit, the Discovery Center, Insect Zoo, Ancient Latin American Art exhibit, Butterfly Pavilion, and so many more! The museum, located near downtown LA and near the University of Southern California campus, is opening a new exhibit this month called Becoming Los Angeles and it’s sure to be a big hit!

The Becoming LA exhibit will tell stories of the people of Los Angeles. It will take a contemporary feel of looking at how people got here and how Angelenos interact with each other. To keep up with the technology of today, the exhibit will incorporate multi-media elements and new technology to engage visitors. There will also be some amazing visual aspects, powerful storytelling, unique Los Angeles objects, and more! The exhibit will even incorporate real-time elements. After collecting key pieces from Los Angeles history for generations, the Natural History Museum is the perfect choice to display an exhibit that looks closely at the history of LA. The exhibit will look at some classic LA events and stories, such as the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct to increase the city’s water supply, as well as different influences on the city such as the Gold Rush, railroads, and more!

The museum is constantly bringing new exhibits in and opening new ventures all the time! The Nature Gardens outside the museum are still a work in progress but many parts are open and it’s a great place to view many birds, butterflies, and other species, not to mention walking through and witnessing much beautiful wildlife up close is a fun feat. If you’re in hotels near Natural History Museum Los Angeles this summer, check out the new exhibits and enjoy your time enjoying art in Los Angeles!

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