Hollywood’s 2 Day St. Patty’s Celebration

st pattys

The two day St Patrick’s Day celebration in Hollywood has become a famous tradition, for which people travel from all around the area. The Official Pub Crawl forms the centre of this entertainment, with special offers, great promotions and fun to be found in each of the many venues participating. Guests dress up in their best greenery, with shamrocks on every corner and the ‘luck of the Irish’ held firmly in hand as people travel from pub to bar enjoying their night. Based along the length of the Walk of Fame and the surrounding area, more than a dozen different venues are joining in for this special occasion which runs through into the night. On St Patrick’s Day itself, March 17th, the party starts at 2pm and lasts right through to 2am the next morning, offering a solid twelve hours for socialising and celebrating Ireland’s most famous festival.  If you’re visiting the Hollywood area during St Patrick’s Day, then attend Hollywood’s 2 Day St. Patty’s Celebration.

At each of the locations along the route, specially priced drinks will ensure that everyone gets into the spirit. Each venue will offer the special pricing for at least three hours, where beers will be $2, well drinks are to be $3 and shots just $4. At the after party, held at Outpost between 10pm and 2am and featuring the talents of a live DJ, these prices will go up by just $1.

Tickets must be bought in advance for the event, with visitors to check in between 2pm and 10pm on the Monday 17th March at the Outpost. Guests are welcome to register at any time during that period, but must have done so before the final 10pm closing point. At this registration, participants will be issued with their map of all the participating venues in the area and the timetable for when each will have their promotional pricing in place. Beyond this, there are few rules – wear green, have a great time, and drink responsibly!

 Photo courtesy by aboutla.californianightlife.com

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