It’s Halloween Time at Universal Studios!


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios are known for their incredible mazes, and this year is no different on that front. Celebrating decades of horror at the studios, sets of some of their most frightening creations are being used as backdrops for scares like never before. The popular TV show The Walking Dead is prominent in the terror this year: the ‘No Safe Haven’ maze and the Terror Tram pitch the living against the hungry Walkers in a set up where survival is the only option. The survivors have barricaded themselves into the prison and into the town centre of Woodbury – but as the visitors will learn, getting away from the Walkers means facing the threat of the living, which might just be worse than imagined. Elsewhere, Evil Dead has come to life in ‘The Book of the Dead’, an immersive maze which will captivate guests; Insidious has created ‘Into The Further’ and the monstrous El Cucuy has brought ‘The Boogeyman’ to life at Universal Studios. Celebrating all that has been achieved in the horror genre, itself created by Universal, ‘Resurrection’ combines monsters from numerous Universal classics as visitors fight to escape the crypt.

However, there is more to the Halloween Horror Nights than just their mazes, and those in hotels close to Universal Studios Hollywood will quite enjoy it! Rides, shows, scare zones and even the Backlot experience are all part of the frights.  This year’s rides are a mixture of those which will terrify and those which are slightly less extreme. Bill & Ted return for an Excellent Halloween Adventure, a parody show playing on today’s headlines to create a unique musical comedy which is not to be missed. Optimus Prime needs help to protect the AllSpark from the marauding Decepticons – participants on TRANSFORMERS-The Ride 3D must help save the whole human race from robots four stories tall. Elsewhere, named the most intense indoor rollercoaster, The Revenge Of The Mummy ride used incredible special effects and shocking twists to escape The Mummy’s horrifying revenge, and on Jurassic Park-In The Dark riders are stalked like prey as they try and avoid the 50ft T-rex and the death drop!

At the various Scare Zones, face Chucky in a game of hide and seek with horrific consequences for being found, ‘Survive The Night’ against The Purge where masked murderers approach with knives and chainsaws to hunt all visitors, avoid the giant haunted Scarecrows who will defend their patch to the death or watch the performance of the Cirque du Clownz, where clowns from the elegant streets of Paris perform their famous show.. but the clowns want volunteers for their act, and the volunteers don’t seem to come back unchanged.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

What better way to enjoy the spirit of Halloween than venturing off to Universal Studios and going through the scary mazes inspired by the Walking Dead, Insidious, and Evil Dead?
Starts: 09/20/2013
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA

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