Express your Appreciation for the Performing Arts at the 1st Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival!

hollywood fringe

Calling anyone and everyone who loves creative expression in all its forms – whether it is music, artistic, theater, or anything else. If you are a lover and appreciator of art, then the Hollywood Fringe Festival is for you. Join history in the making as Los Angeles hosts the first annual Hollywood Fringe Festival from Thursday, June 12th through Sunday, June 29th. When staying in Hollywood, be sure to check out this fun and lively festival during your stay!

Before you can understand what the Hollywood Fringe Festival is all about, here’s a crash course on fringe festivals in general. Fringe Festivals exist in various capacities all over the world and are havens for underground artists and emerging cultural scenes. Although they are seen all over the world, they first got their start in Edinburgh, Scotland back in 1947. As legend has it, there were eight performance groups that suddenly popped up on the “fringes” of the Edinburgh International Festival, which they were not invited to, as it is an exclusive event. Since then, the Edinburgh Festival in now the world’s largest arts festival with millions of people attending each summer and consists of thousands of performances!

Because of their grassroots beginnings, fringe festivals are an open-access event that allows anyone to participate in, and is completely uncensored. It is a free-for-all approach that speaks to the mission of spreading art to anyone who may want it. It is also an opportunity for young or up and coming artists/performers to have a space to share their talents. At the start of the fringe festival, suddenly any place is an opportunity for a performance to take place; from theaters to parks and clubs to churches – it is truly free for all!

Because the Hollywood Fringe Festival is not a traditionally organized arts festival, there is no specific arena where this will take place. Instead, there has been a square mile set off as the boundaries for this fest to place in. Explore within the boundaries and get excited as who knows what you will hear or see as artists express themselves freely! The northern boundary is Franklin Avenue, the eastern boundary is Western Avenue, the southern boundary is Melrose Avenue, and the western boundary is La Brea Avenue.

For individuals with an appreciation for the performing arts, don't miss this chance to attend the 1st annual Hollywood Fringe Festival from mid to late June.
Starts: 06/12/2014
Ends: 06/29/2014
Franklin Ave, Western Ave, Melrose Ave, La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA

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