Enjoy the Greatest Cultural Celebration at the Hollywood Carnival!

hollywood carnival

The wonderful city of Los Angeles is known for a lot of things. From its historic monuments to world-class museums, L.A. has always been a favorite tourist destination. One thing in particular that makes L.A. stand out as a popular destination is all the different cultures and heritages to be explored. In order to do just that, the Los Angeles Culture Festival Committee is hosting the 3rd Annual Hollywood Carnival from June 17-22. If you have an appreciation for different cultures and plan to stay in a hotel located near Hollywood, then you will be sure to have a great time at the Hollywood Carnival!

The Los Angeles Culture Festival Committee was originally created to help celebrate the Caribbean Heritage within the city, but they quickly realized how important it is to celebrate all cultures that come together to make L.A. so unique. In order to showcase these cultures, the Hollywood Carnival is one huge party lasting for 6 days with the theme of, “Carnival! Caribbean Style”. Other cultures being presented are South American, African, Asian, and more.

Join the fun celebration filled with delicious dishes from all around the world. Some vendors that will be present are Bangkong Grill, Trini Style Bake N’Shark, Joyce Productions (Caribbean), V & R Thai Chinese Food, and Blue food Roti Shop. Enjoy beautiful costumes from various cultures, African and Latino dancers, arts and crafts, and festive music that will cause you to get up and dance! Various genres of music performances include calypso music, soca, reggae, steel-band music, chutney, kompas, zouke, punta, and meringue so be prepared to dance the night away!

All these events will take place at Carnival Village where you can get in for only $10 and kids 5-12 years old get in for $5. Kids under 5 years old can enter the carnival for FREE!

Families and friends are welcome to join a fun and unique cultural celebration at the Hollywood Carnival in mid June.
Starts: 06/17/2014 09:00 pm
Ends: 06/22/2014
Los Angeles, CA

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