Enjoy a Frightening Hayride in Los Angeles

los angeles hayride

Based on actual events, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride for 2013 will be more frightening than ever.  If you’re staying at a Los Angeles hotel near Hollywood this Halloween, then make sure to enjoy a Haunted Hayride. Using the legends and folklore of the area which has been the location for murders, torture events, serial killers, abductions and paranormal activity, these events and others will be brought to life in a series of terrifying activities which will not easily be forgotten.

The Haunted Hayride started 5 years ago, becoming a Hollywood tradition that is totally unique. Over the course of the 25 minute ride, guests are taken through numerous sets as an army of demons try and capture their ‘favorite’ riders. The talented creative team behind the Hayride has used special effects rarely seen before to create an immersive experience like none other.

Split between three zones – the Haunted Hayride itself, the Maze and Purgatory – the evening’s entertainment makes the most of the fact that this area is said to have one of the highest levels of paranormal activity anywhere in California. After the ride, visitors are pushed into the darkness. Named the most frightening LA maze last year, the 2013 rendition of the maze is no less horrifying. Entering a pitch black space, each group has nothing but a low-light lantern to guide their route and is forced to use their hands to feel their way through to safety. The monsters and maniacs who live in this maze have been removed from daylight for decades – which means their eyes have adjusted to the darkness and they can see the visitors coming. Taking wrong turns will lead to more and more encounters with the actors until the panic creeps in.

The final area, Purgatory, is the side show. All the favorite attractions, like the Scary-Go-Round, the House of Mirrors and numerous live shows are in attendance, offering photo opportunities, psychic readings, festival foods and much more besides.

 Photo courtesy of http://www.losangeleshauntedhayride.com/

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