Enjoy Delicious Food at the LA Thai Food Festival!

Thai Food Festival

This September 29th, from 3:30-6pm, Jet Tila from The Charleston will be hosting Los Angeles’ first ever Thai Food Festival. To be held at Paramount Studios in the Hollywood district, a staggering number of renowned chefs will be in attendance celebrating a cuisine which so many people love. If you will be at one of the hotels near Paramount Theatre, head on over for some delicious food!

Preparing food from both local restaurants and from further afield will be Andy Ricker, from Pok Pok, Portland, alongside Sang Yoon from Lukshoon, David LeFevre of the MB Post and Fishing With Dynamite, Kris Yenbamroong from Night + Market, Susan Feniger from Street, Evan Kleiman from KCRW’s Good Food – and, of course, the host himself Jet Tila will be cooking some of his famous dishes. Moreover, authentic Thai experts will also be present, cooking Thai dishes for the assembled guests and exploring some of the more unique and delicious options available. Stars include Jitlada, Pa Ord, Ruen Pair, Thai Nakorn, Thai Society, Lum Ka Naad, Siam Sunset, Bhan Kanom Thai and the Sapp Coffee Shop, amongst many others bringing their own traditional Thai treats.

The First Thai Food Festival will offer more to its visitors than just culinary delights, though. Traditional Thai arts and crafts as well as performance art will also feature in the evening’s entertainment: umbrella painting is a wonderful art form in which guests can participate, and visitors will also be able to experience the intricacies of Thai fruit carving. A Muy Thai demonstration will also be a highlight of the night, offering the chance to watch experienced practitioners perform ‘the art of eight limbs’ from close proximity. This combat martial art is growing in popularity, and watching practitioners spar is extraordinary. Elsewhere in the venue, traditional classical Thai and folk dances will be performed, allowing visitors to fully experience a taste of the culture of the four Thai regions – as well as their delicious food.

Get to sample authentic Thai cuisines at this year's Thai Food Festival. Not only will you enjoy delicious Thai dishes but you will also get to participate in Muay Thai, folk dancing, umbrella painting and much more.
Starts: 09/29/2013 03:30 pm
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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