Discover and Experience The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show!

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If you consider yourself a fan of Classic Rock, then you cannot miss out on this amazing opportunity. On Wednesday, May 28th, the Greek Theatre is showing “The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show: The Discovery World Tour”. Come see a fantastic live show showcasing Pink Floyd songs you love, including an incredible light show. If you love Pink Floyd, this is truly something you won’t want to miss! While staying in Hollywood, Pink Floyd fans are definitely ecstatic to attend this show in late May!

The Discovery World Tour is on a mission to put on the greatest live Pink Floyd show of all time. In order to achieve this, they will play for three hours, letting you hear all the classics that you’ve come to know and love. In those three hours, they will travel through Pink Floyd’s entire musical career, journeying from 1967 all the way through 1994. During this concert, there will be a light show that all Pink Floyd fans have come to expect – including the famous arch and circle light show.

In addition, the songs being performed will be accompanied by original videos they used during their past performances. In addition, there will be brand new animation created by Storm Thorgerson – a longtime collaborator with Pink Floyd, so it will seamlessly fit in with the rest of the show. This show is sure to live up to their amazing performances. Tickets range from $45.00-$60 depending on the seat location.

Though they were around from the mid 1960s, Pink Floyd achieved world fame in 1973 with the release of the album The Dark Side of the Moon. Before that, they acquired some fame in the underground music in scene in London, specifically for their elaborate live shows and aesthetically pleasing light shows. They were known for their specific psychedelic sound, and as they became more famous, their shows became ever more elaborate. For their Dark Side and Wish tours, they even added animated films and an inflated jet that crashed onto the stage. They will truly be a band that will go down in history.

If you're staying near the Hollywood Bowl towards the end of May, don't miss the fantastic performance of The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show: Brit Floyd Discovery World Tour.
Starts: 05/28/2014 08:00 pm
Ends: 05/28/2014
2301 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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