Celebrate Halloween at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor!

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

This Halloween, join The Captain from 7pm to Midnight at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, the most frightening experience in the area. October 24th to 27th and 31st to November 2nd, the ghosts and ghouls of the underworld are on the surface, in a series of terrifying mazes and entertainments for those who are brave enough. New for this year is the Circus maze, adding to the array of well-known mazes which together hold more than two hundred monsters just waiting to scare those who are willing to enter. If you will be staying in Hollywood CA, be sure to check out this trilling event.

Once visitors have made their way through the fog filled entrance tunnel of shipping cargo containers, their already frayed nerves will be tested to the limits by the horrors of the mazes. In Circus, The Captain and his army of ghosts have put together a Carnival of illusion, magic and wonders inside the Queen Mary’s big top tent. Beware, though: the Ringmaster is prowling, on the hunt for volunteers to take part in his deadly tricks.

Deadrise, the popular maze brought back from last year, shows the story of the wreckage of the Deadrise vessel herself, used by The Captain to escort him and his army into battle against the living as they look to reclaim the Dark Harbor for themselves. In Hellfire, visitors are pitted against the malicious mischief of Henry. His soul is trapped aboard because of an ill-fated dare, and Henry is not content to bide his time quietly. Submerged plays on that horrible fear of being aboard a sinking ship: guests must try to escape the vessel before it goes under, but there are many more things to be afraid of than simple drowning. Graceful Gale uses her beauty to convince men to stay with her beneath the water, while Mary stays in her playroom after being drowned there fifty years ago and would love to have someone to play with forever. In Containment, visitors are aboard the boat when they learn of Samuel’s horrible death in room B340. His soul is trapped and he wants to escape; sometimes what you cannot see is more frightening than what is visible.


Photo courtesy of http://www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor/

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