Discover Los Angeles through Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt!

Those staying in hotels in Hollywood California are often interested in the history and culture of the attractions they visit. A unique, interactive and fun way to learn about Los Angeles while visiting its sights is the Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt. There are over 20 completely different tours in Los Angeles spanning from Santa Monica, Hollywood, The Getty and many more.

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt

One of the most fascinating areas of Los Angeles is Downtown, just a Metro ride away from Hollywood. If you take the Downtown Dash Scavenger Hunt, you’ll explore the artwork of Pershing Square, a slice of Paris in L.A., and the landmark Central Library, where Howard Hughes. You’ll see the Biltmore Hotel, the host of many celebrities and even the Academy Awards and the art deco masterpiece The Oviatt building. During the hunt, your group will be looking for answers to trivia questions that can only be found when you are in the right spot looking at the right thing.

An even more exciting scavenger hunt in downtown Los Angeles stages the murder of one of the staff of Watson Adventures. You’ll walk the streets of downtown, uncovering the secrets to his double life with clues, codes and text messages to the dead. Another hunt invites you along to discover the delicious eats of Chinatown, Olvera Street and many other areas downtown. You can sample chicken sopas, BBQ pork buns, toasted coconut Cocada de Horno, Vietnamese po’boys, green tea mochi and French dip sandwiches. Be sure to take some photos to document your journey!

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can see of all of Los Angeles during The Citywide Conquer L.A. Scavenger Hunt. You can make stops at the Farmer’s Market, UCLA, Union Station, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and so many more with limousine escorts. You can pick the amount of time and starting place, and Watson Adventures will make sure you have an amazing time. Tours are normally $22, but price can vary. Inquire on-line today to see the many options available to you and your group!

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