Have a Colorful Time at the Blacklight Run!

Part of the latest trend for unusual running events, the Blacklight Run will be visiting Los Angeles on October 5th and will be a spectacle unlike any other. A unique experience both for participants and spectators, the Blacklight Run is ran over a three mile course – but unlike other races, getting to the finish line is not the main objective! If you will be staying in Los Angeles the first week of October, be sure to check out the race!

Blacklight Run

What’s so different about the Blacklight Run is that every participant leaves the race looking distinctly different to when they arrived. Whether competitors are keen runners, fit and ready to complete the course in record time, or more used to a steady walk around the park with friends, all are welcome. People of every age, shape and speed come together on the starting line in the white t-shirts provided by the organizers. At various points around the course, runners are targeted with Glow powder – each Blacklight Zone is colored either green, pink or blue, which hits the runner and changes their colour as they run. Under the lights at these locations and then at the end of race party, the glowing pigment on each runner looks incredible. On the face, in the hair, on arms and legs and of course on the clothing, each person becomes a luminous blur of glowing motion in the night.

The Glow pigment itself is made from natural ingredients and is totally non-toxic, but looks completely incredible on the hordes of runners. At the end of the racecourse, when the runners congregate once more a selection of DJs will put on an After Race Blacklight Run Party like none other. Participants are encouraged to throw more Glow around at each other until they are completely covered. Participants will also receive a goody bag from the organizers, in addition to their white t-shirt provided at the start of the race. This will include a selection of items from the event sponsors, a race bib, a donation made to local charities – and an extra Glow Pack to use as seen fit at the end of the race!

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