Cirque du Soleil’s “Iris” at the Kodak Theatre

Cirque du Soleil has and still is one of the premier shows to see anywhere. The mix of circus arts and street entertainment has captivated audiences globally and showcases some of the finest performers and acrobatics in the world. Hollywood will be home to a new show called Cirque du Soleil Iris which will officially premier on September 25th at the Kodak Theatre.

Iris is going to have all the elements that make cirque Du Soleil great such as dance and acrobatics but will incorporate live video, animation and filmed sequences. Hollywood is the Mecca of cinema and Cirque Du Soleil will take their audiences on a magical journey through the history of cinema. You will see the origins and nucleus of the movie making process including illustrations, animations, black and white, colour, silent films, fixed shots and spell binding camera movements.

The cast will have 75 of the best acrobats, clowns and aerialists pushing the limits of their bodies. The talent behind the scenes is also top notch. Philippe Decoufle is the writer and director who has training as an artistic and film director, dancer and choreographer. The world famous composer Danny Elfman known for musical score for movies and film will join Iris.

The $100 million dollar show should be an amazing spectacle much like all of Cirque Du Soleil’s shows but this will add a unique cinematic twist that will display the spirit and energy of Hollywood Cinema. This show was designed for the Kodak Theatre so it should be amazing. Get your tickets now before they are sold out.

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