Check out the Latest Car Models at the LA Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the longest running and most influential auto shows in the world. Running from the 22nd November through to the 1st of December in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the show has some of the biggest new releases and vehicle manufacturer announcements to be seen this year. 23 new models are making their debut on the global platform, as well as another 20 North American models seen for the first time. While staying at a hotel near the Los Angeles Convention Center, then make sure to come by and view the latest cars in the market.

la auto showFor many people, the highlight of the LA Auto Show is one unique vehicle made for exhibition, but never to be produced – the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. Built to showcase the car developed for the PlayStation 3 game presentation of Gran Turismo 6, launching next month, the car was never intended to exist in the real world. However, with beautiful foresight, Mercedes-Benz anticipated interest in the car and brought it to life in stunning style. With a molten chrome exterior, long curved lines and elongated front end, the car nods towards the super sports cars of tomorrow. Powered by a twin turbo V8 complete with 585-horsepower sat inside a space frame made of aluminium and carbon fibre, even the interior has been designed to perfection. Styled like an F1 cockpit in black and red, the dashboard too has unique interpretation setting the Vision aside from all others.

Elsewhere in the showground, there’s a slightly more attainable brand new vehicle on display. Porsche has proudly unveiled their Macan to the world at the convention. The first compact SUV to be produced by the brand, the Macan matches high quality performance with an urban, multifunctional car suited both to city living and off road use. Its profile is a tribute to the Porsche 911 Grand Tourer, sloping roof and all, though from the front the Macan nods to the 918 Spyder. This background makes it a fantastic car which many people are very impressed to see at the show.

Photo courtesy of LA Auto Show

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