Catch a Lakers and Clippers game at the Staples Center

Kicking off the 2013-2014 NBA season at the Staples Center this week was the first match between the old rivals, the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers. Watched by some of the most famous veterans in their history, the Lakers managed to pull off a victory 116 – 103 through a series of plays which kept the audience on the edge of their seats.  If you’re planning on staying in Hollywood, then make sure to catch a game at the Staples Center and watch the best NBA players in action.

The teams have a rich background. One of them has such a successful story that most teams could only imagine, full of seasoned players who understand the intricacies of the game in more detail than almost any others. However, plagued by the injuries which inevitably follow a team of older players and coupled with a divisive coach that the fans are yet to love, many thought that the Lakers were on unsteady ground. The other has been steadily gaining reputation as they completed a series of seasons establishing themselves in the Western Conference scene, using some of the newest and most talented young team members in the whole league. With the Clippers having a new coach to add to these roster of young talent, many believed that this year might be the one in which the team were able to consolidate their place as LA’s top basketball team.

 Those troublesome injuries might inadvertently have held the key to the Lakers’ successes. A team featuring five of the reserves and their determination not to cede to the Clippers led to some amazing action on the court. Scoring a career high of 22 points was Xavier Henry, closely followed by Jordan Farmar scoring 16. Henry, Farmar and teammate Wesley Johnson were not even chosen for the team in the previous 2012 season, yet with so many of their more famous teammates out of play due to injury they had their opportunity to shine. Scoring 41 points in the final quarter puts that session into the leagues of some of the most high-scoring closes ever seen. In his debut night coaching the Clippers, Doc Rivers was forced to concede that at one point during the final quarter, he wished that Lakers coach Mark D’Antoni would bring back some of the starting players. Not doing so, he said, was a great move.

Photos courtesy of The Frugal Fan

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