Anticipating New Rides at Universal Studios

Always looking to improve, Universal Studios had a number of new developments and additions in progress at the moment. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem is one of these, which is reported to be close to completion and opening for technical rehearsals shortly – offering the public their first chance to see some of the installation. Where previously construction screens had shielded the work and protected the surprise, these have recently been removed to reveal a spectacular façade and to reinvigorate excitement about its opening. As always, guests with Annual Passes will be amongst the first to see inside – but everyone else should not have long to wait.   If you’re planning to visit Hollywood this spring, then make sure to stay at a hotel close to Universal Studios.

despicable me

Elsewhere at Universal Studios, work on the expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is continuing apace. With rumoured opening set for June, the construction work is well on schedule to recreate more scenes and experiences from the life of Harry Potter. The new area adds a ride on the Hogwarts Express, with views from the windows showing scenes from the countryside just like those of the films.  To ride the train, guests will need to pass through the magical brick wall entrance and climb aboard the replica engine, complete with its billowing steam. En route to the London themed waterfront or to the area in the Islands of Adventure, guests will see characters and creatures from the windows – including Hagrid on his flying motorbike and other characters on broomsticks.

Simpsons Carnival Games is the new addition to Springfield in the resort, adding to The Simpsons Ride to create a special immersive environment. New strips of shops, games and rides line the route to the entrance to The Simpsons Ride, all with a distinct carnival theme. Guests can ‘Help Santa’s Little Helper’ in a water gun challenge, try ‘Sideshow You’ balloon popping, or tackle ‘Strike 3’ and test their aim – launching ‘Duff’ beer cans. Other games and sideshows include ‘Dunk or Flunk,’ ‘Wild and Willies,’ ‘Eye Carumba’ and many more.

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